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Travel Vaccines We Offer

We provide vaccine services to any client who has completed our pre-travel assessment. Travel Health Windsor is a certified Yellow Fever vaccination site.

*See below for details. All vaccines subject to availability

Vaccines Offered In Windsor, Ontario


Traveler's Diarhea



Adult Hepatitis A & B





Havrix 1440

Adult Hepatitis A



Children Hepatitis A & B


Typhim VI

Injectable Typhoid


Havrix 720

Children Hepatitis A



Japanese Encephalitis



Oral Typhoid


Engerix B

Adult/Child Hepatitis B



Meningitis ACYW-135


YF Vax

Yellow Fever


Travel Health Windsor Vaccine Details

Doses: Some vaccines require more than one dose for long-lasting immunity. We will determine the vaccine schedules during your pre-travel assessment.

Insurance: We do not accept OHIP or any private medical insurance. We will provide you with invoices and Drug Information Numbers that will allow you to apply for reimbursement where applicable. We recommend that you contact your private insurance provider before your visit to confirm if the services will be reimbursed.

Additional fees:  Travel Health Windsor does not charge a fee to administer vaccines that are purchased through our office. We do not charge for prescriptions that are provided as part of your pre-travel assessment.  There is an additional fee for letters of exemption, Yellow Fever Contraindication forms, documents completed for employment, and documents completed for educational institutions. The cost for these services starts at $40 and must be paid prior to their completion.

Outside vaccines: We do not administer any vaccines that have been purchased or procured from other providers.

Our location: Our travel health clinic is located at 5115 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, Ontario.

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