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Stay Healthy While You Travel The World

Travel Photographer

Stay Healthy While You Travel The World

Travel Photographer

Complete Travel Health Care

Travel Health Windsor is a full-service travel health clinic located at 5115 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, Ontario. Our physicians and medical team will guide you through the Government of Canada and World Health Organization travel recommendations specific to your destination.


We complete a detailed pre-departure assessment and provide a comprehensive vaccine schedule that will be administered by our staff. We are a certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.

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Travel Health Windsor Services

Our clinic offers everything you need to get where you're going, including pre-travel assessments and travel vaccinations before you departure.


Pre-Travel Assessment

We will review your medical history and travel plans to determine exactly what you need before you go. 


Yellow Fever Vaccination

As a certified Yellow Fever Vaccine Centre, we will provide both the vaccine and documentation required for your travels.

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Our medical team will administer all of the recommended vaccinations in office and on schedule to make sure you're safe to travel.

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Vaccine Follow-up

Complete the full immunization schedule to ensure continued protection.

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