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Planning Travels

What We Offer

Let us guide you through a healthy travel experience. Travel Health Windsor provides necessary COVID-19 testing and documentation before your trip to make sure you don't have any bumps along the way.

We are not currently accepting reservations for Pre-Travel COVID-19 testing.

For testing, please visit our testing partners at:

Medical Laboratories of Windsor


Pre-Travel Assessment

Doctor and Patient

During your assessment, a member of our medical team will review your travel plans with you and make individualized recommendations for your trip. Ideally, this visit will occur 2 months before your trip. The cost of the visit is $75 +HST.

Yellow Fever Vaccination

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We are a certified Yellow Fever Vaccination site. Our staff will provide all of the documentation required for your travels.

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Vaccine Clinic

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After completing your Pre-Travel assessment, our staff will administer your vaccines on site and on time. 

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Vaccine Follow-up

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Some vaccines will require multiple doses to ensure continued protection. Our team will make sure that your full course of vaccines is completed, even if it extends beyond your travels.

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